• Bad Decisions:
    Why Companies Miss the Most
    Important Factor in Executive Hiring
  • Decision-Making:
    Commonality and Nuance
    across Cultural Contexts
  • Visionary, Energiser, Architect, Reformer:
    Winning in Distinct Executive
    Decision-Making Environments
  • The New Face of Agribusiness
    in Iberoamerica

Industrial Executive Search Solutions for Top Industrial Talent Acquisition

Today’s industrial operating landscape is being redefined by emerging markets, globalization, increased competition in the midst of tightening regulatory environments, technological advances, supply chain dynamics, financial pressures and mobile global talent—to name just a few. Our Industrial practice partners grasp the dynamics of a fast-moving and increasingly global marketplace. We specialize in searches in emerging markets and transitioning industries where our larger competitors are often stuck looking in the rear-view mirror. Our clients enjoy the benefits of Kingsley Gate Partners’ dedicated practice-oriented research centers of excellence and intimate global marketplace intelligence.