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Kingsley Gate’s Global Industrial executive search practice focuses on placing senior-level executives and board members in companies covering both industrial products and services.

Our clients typically operate in sectors such as Aerospace/Defense, Automotive, Engineered Products, Industrial Services, Natural Resources, Power & Utilities, Process Industries, Transport & Logistics, and other heavy industries.

Serving our industrial clients globally, our practice specializes in identifying, evaluating, and attracting top talent for key leadership positions. Our team of 15+ industrial practitioners is dedicated to understanding the unique challenges of your sector, focusing on the key leadership decisions required to drive success for you.

Some of the assets that our Industrial team brings to our clients globally include:
Domain expertise
From process industries to manufacturing and services, Kingsley Gate’s consultants are well-versed in the nuances of the Industrial sector and its various specialty areas. We offer deep insights into the specific roles, skill sets, and industry trends vital for effective industrial leadership.
Functional capability
Our team of Industrial consultants seamlessly partners with our functional experts, including Financial Officers, Supply Chain Officers, and Human Resources Officers to deliver the best of Kingsley Gate to 100% of our clients, 100% of the time.
Extensive network
We have access to a global network of senior professionals within the industrial sector, including executives who may not be actively seeking new opportunities but are open to considering strategic career moves.
Leadership decisions at the core
Each executive search engagement is customized to the client’s decision-making needs, ensuring a deep understanding of the organization’s cultural context, business goals, and leadership requirements.
Rigorous assessment
Our firm employs a proprietary, rigorous, and objective assessment process to evaluate candidates, ensuring that only the most suitable individuals are put forward.
Focus on diversity
Kingsley Gate is a diverse firm at its core. Four out of 10 of our industrial consultants are female. One in five is based in an emerging market. We bring this wealth of cognitive diversity to our clients on a global basis.
Digital cross-pollination
Our consultant team understands the opportunities and challenges new technologies bring to industrial companies. We are committed to helping industrial clients stay on top of the innovation game by looking beyond the industrial sector for the best digital athletes.
Our industrial practice acts as a strategic partner for clients, assisting them in finding and securing high-caliber executives who will steer their organizations toward growth, innovation, and success within the complex and competitive industrial landscape.

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65% The number of senior industrial sector executives who have either resigned (35%) or
considered resigning (30%) from a job because of dissatisfaction with how decisions were made.
This finding reveals the importance of decision effectiveness and transparent upfront conversations
with executive candidates across industrial sectors, including agribusiness, energy, and manufacturing.
Bad Decisions: Why companies miss the most important factor in executive hiring
Kingsley Gate and FT Longitude (a member of the Financial Times Group)

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