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Consumer Markets

Consumer Markets

Consumer Markets has always been a fast-moving, diverse sector with multiple challenges across the regional and global levels.

The onset of automation and digital ambiance has further highlighted the different consumption behaviours and challenges that have evolved and shaped the types of talents and competences that were previously demanded.

The end game will not only require the very best talents the market currently has to offer but will also need cross-talent from other industries and landscapes with out-of-the-box solutions and innovation to truly generate successful, profitable and sustainable businesses.

Kingsley Gate has a far-reaching, diverse, fast-moving, and hands-on Global Consumer Markets executive search team, with specialized knowledge, accurate technological tools, and decades of practical experience in both attracting and introducing decision makers relevant for the constantly-changing sector.

Our key field expert partners bring a competitive advantage to both, large multinational conglomerate clients, as well as family-owned businesses and venture capital firms with their expertise ranging from consumer packed products to retail. We also bring a strong portfolio of experience across our leisure and entertainment, hospitality, and luxury goods capabilities.

Kingsley Gate is ready to map, attract and develop Senior and High-Potential worldwide Talent, whose skills may go from obtaining the best deals in raw materials and services to having the best negotiators and commercial executors; through ensuring agile manufacturing expertise as well as top shared services management, including digital transformation.

Our multi-functional global consultants make conscious efforts to provide our clients with the best possible team to grow together.

Some of the assets that our Consumer Markets team brings to our clients globally include:
Domain expertise
Kingsley Gate’s consultants are well-versed in the nuances of the Consumer Markets sector and its various specialty areas. We offer deep insights into the specific roles, skill sets, and industry trends vital for effective leadership.
Functional capability
Our team of global consultants seamlessly partner with our functional experts to deliver the best of Kingsley Gate to 100% of our clients, 100% of the time.
Extensive network
We have access to a global network of senior professionals within the Consumer Markets sector, including executives who may not be actively seeking new opportunities but are open to considering strategic career moves.
Leadership decisions at the core
Each executive search engagement is customized to the client’s decision-making needs, ensuring a deep understanding of the organization’s cultural context, business goals, and leadership requirements.
Rigorous assessment
Our firm employs a proprietary, rigorous and objective assessment process to evaluate candidates, ensuring that only the most suitable individuals are put forward.
Focus on diversity
Kingsley Gate is a diverse firm at its core. Four out of 10 of our consultants are female. One in five is based in an emerging market. We bring this wealth of cognitive diversity to our clients on a global basis.
Digital cross-pollination
Our consultant team understands the opportunities and challenges that new technologies bring to Consumer Market companies. We are committed to helping our clients stay on top of the innovation game by looking beyond the Consumer Market sector for the best digital athletes.

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Only 33% of senior executives feel their personal style of decision making aligns with their
organization’s style. This finding reveals a potential driver of the 70% of executives who have either
resigned or considered resigning from a job because of dissatisfaction with how decisions were made.
Bad Decisions: Why companies miss the most important factor in executive hiring
Kingsley Gate and FT Longitude (a member of the Financial Times Group)

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