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Umesh Ramakrishnan Executive Search Kingsley Gate

Umesh Ramakrishnan

Founder, Chief Executive Officer

Umesh Ramakrishnan is the Founder and Chief Executive Officer of Kingsley Gate.

He is responsible for executing Kingsley Gate’s ambitious industry defining vision. Using both his operating experience and his search experience, Umesh is uniquely qualified to lead this firm into the future.

Over a career that spans three decades, Umesh has held several positions like Vice Chairman, Chief Innovation Officer, President, and Chief Operating Officer in the technology and service industries that have given him global leadership experience with both strategic planning and operations. Most recently, he was Co-CEO of Kingsley Gate. He infuses this experience with our state-of-the-art scientific, Artificial Intelligence tools to define and build the next generation of executive search.

His knowledge of the search industry is not theoretical as he had personally placed members of the boards of directors, CEOs, CFOs, CTOs, COOs, CDOs and other senior management positions in North and South America, Europe and Asia. He is considered a thought leader and his quotes can be found regularly in major industry and global publications. He is a sought-after speaker and has been a regular guest on shows like CNBC’s Closing Bell and Power Lunch. He is also the author of the critically acclaimed “There’s No Elevator to the Top” published by Penguin worldwide.

Umesh earned a bachelor’s degree in industrial and production engineering from Bangalore University and a master’s in industrial engineering from the University of Texas. He has served on the board of trustees of several non-profit organizations like the Great Lakes Science Centre in Cleveland and software companies like HireLogic and Kliks.

Umesh works out of our Cleveland, Ohio location.

A decision that had a huge impact on your life
I was fortunate to rise to the position of Chief Operating Officer of an engineering services company in my early thirties. Therfore, when I was offered a position at an executive search firm, I initially turned it down because I saw myself as an operator, an engineer and a builder. But a few mentors told me that those three strengths were credentials to become a trusted advisor to captains of industry. Making that crucial decision to switch careers while at the top of a different field changed my life. I'm able to lean on those exact three strengths of mine in this position of privilege of leading some of the most talented, passionate search professionals around the globe as we redefine the executive search industry.