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Board & CEO

Kingsley Gate’s Global Board & CEO executive search functional practice is dedicated to shaping the future of organizations by identifying and onboarding decision makers poised to drive growth and success.

High performance begins at the top, and in today’s—and tomorrow’s—rapidly developing business environment, the success of the Board, the CEO, and the organization have never been more entwined, more challenging, or more critical.

Driven by a team of consultants with a wealth of global experience across diverse industries, our unique and fluid structure, approach, and process are designed to deliver the most exceptional talent at the very top of the organization.


Board responsibilities are growing beyond traditional oversight.

A sound board provides a systematic perspective as the guardian and fiduciary of all the stakeholders’ interests involved. This includes taking advantage of the global and technological opportunities available to ensure an efficient and evolving strategic direction.

Kingsley Gate’s Global Board Search capability builds a pipeline of established successful executives that can be moved into specific searches rapidly.


One of the most crucial executives required to ensure the efficient and effective growth of any organization is its Chief Executive Officer. The role of a CEO is unique. He/she caters not only to the company’s future needs and requirements but is also in charge of creating a comprehensive and pragmatic overview of a successful direction to lead the company.

The CEO is a means to success. He/She goes beyond the traditional processes involved to ensure a balance between a high-performing board and the vision of the company. The CEO sustains the health of the organization with the right leadership qualities, expertise, and experience.

High performance begins at the top. The stakes have never been higher for boards to find and engage the right CEO.

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