Vishal Anand : A conversation on building a successful restaurant roadmap in India. Hosted by Shikha Sheth.

July 2021

Vishal started his career back in 1996 in the Non-Banking Financial sector and is now an entrepreneur with diverse business interests. His innate passion for music and hospitality led him to pursue a second career as a restauranteur.

With that spirit, Vishal set up Moonshine Food Ventures in 2017. The first restaurant under Moonshine that opened was Saints N Sinners in November 2017- a step towards the realization of his passion. For a music enthusiast like Vishal, it was important to establish a space dedicated to good music and food. With Saints N Sinners he was able to provide a platform to both passions with renowned as well as budding artists in Delhi NCR. The restaurant started making rounds because of its extensive soirée with twenty-plus gigs in a month, filling the space with music lovers. This venture motivated Vishal to further explore the music and nightlife landscape in NCR, which culminated in his partnership with massive restaurants leading to the establishment of Farzi Cafe at Aerocity, New Delhi.

Currently, Vishal’s upcoming plans include a total of five projects in Delhi NCR with a focus to develop more such spaces. These restaurants will encapsulate the various interests of people which they can enjoy with good food.

His rich industry experience came through successful tenures with RPG, ABN Amro Bank, and HSBC. Vishal’s vision to create world-class sustainable business models leveraged his knowledge and skillsets as he started building his own ventures into Insurance and Real Estate Advisory.

Vishal has been heading VSPL Energy Private Limited as CEO since 2014. The company is actively engaged in Power Infrastructure Development in India with Powergrid Corporation of India & various other State Transmission Companies.

In his conversation with Shikha, Vishal outlines the talent that is critical to building a successful roadmap for a new restaurant in India, the evolution of the Indian palette, and how he has been keeping up with it by rapidly expanding on the number of restaurants under his belt. He also touches upon what motivates him to succeed in the Indian restaurant sector.

Watch the full conversation between Vishal Anand and Shikha Sheth in the video above!

Shikha Sheth
Vice President
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