The ROI of Respect: Why Inclusive Workplaces Win with Muna Dandan

June 2024

Kingsley Gate puts Muna Dandan in the spotlight, a distinguished legal professional renowned for her groundbreaking work and advocacy for diversity and inclusion in the corporate sphere. Muna is a trusted advisor to the board of the Dubai Financial Services Authority and serves as General Counsel of the world-class Financial Services Regulator of the Dubai International Financial Centre. With a career spanning more than a decade, Muna has navigated the complexities of the legal landscape while spearheading initiatives aimed at fostering gender balance and empowering women in leadership roles.

Promoting Inclusive Practices and Team Empowerment

Muna Dandan underscores the significance of inclusive talent hiring, emphasizing the need for gender balance when making business decisions. Drawing from her own experiences, she highlights the transformative impact of including women at all levels of the recruitment journey, from initial interviews to final selection stages. Muna also advocates for increasing the representation of women on boards, stressing that diverse leadership can drive more innovative and effective decision-making. Furthermore, she promotes adopting flexible working arrangements to support employees in managing their professional and personal commitments effectively. By fostering a culture of flexibility and understanding, organizations can unlock the full potential of their workforce and promote employee well-being and satisfaction. Additionally, Muna emphasizes the importance of prioritizing team empowerment, recognizing the pivotal role of cohesive teamwork in achieving organizational success.

About Muna Dandan

Muna is the Trusted Advisor to the Board of the Dubai Financial Services Authority and General Counsel of the world-class financial services regulator of the Dubai International Financial Centre. Wearing various hats, as Legal Advisor to the Board of Directors and responsible for managing the business of the Board and its various committees, Muna is also currently head of the Policy and Legal Department and responsible for managing all regulatory and legal affairs of the DFSA.

With a diverse background, Muna grew up in Bahrain, studied in the UK and started her career working for a top Law firm based in London. She then moved to Hong Kong where she worked for Baker McKenzie the leading international law firm. On re-locating to Dubai she joined globally leading financial institutions such as HSBC and Barclays in senior legal roles. Muna’s career spans from London, Hong Kong to Dubai, demonstrating deep expertise in advising multi-billion dollar corporates across Europe, Asia and the Middle East.

In her current role she is part of the senior leadership team of the Dubai Financial Services Authority, recognised internationally as a world-class financial services regulator. She is also an advocate for women in leadership and on boards.

Watch the conversation between Muna Awwadová & Muna Dandan in the video above!

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