Sebastien Girard : A conversation on executive leadership trends and the future of work and talent in healthcare, hosted by Shannon Libbert.

April 2021

Sebastien’s career spans more than 20 years in overseeing sales, human resources and recruiting teams, profit and loss statement management, and adapting talent acquisition business models to market needs in the staffing and healthcare industries. He is currently the Senior Vice President of Workforce Operations at Atrium Health, an “integrated nonprofit health system.”

Sebastien previously served as Vice President & Chief Workforce Officer for Parkland Hospital in Dallas, TX. He was responsible for talent acquisition, the implementation of a strategic workforce planning model, labor optimization function and manage the occupational health department for Parkland Health & Hospital System. Prior to his work at Parkland Hospital, he was Senior Vice President at Randstad USA, where he oversaw North East U.S. operations. Sebastien also served at Randstad Canada from 2001 to 2010 serving as Executive Vice President in 2009 and 2010. In his tenure, Sebastien spearheaded double-digit organic growth year-over-year for seven straight years while maintaining a Canadian Top 50 Best Places to Work status (rank: 12) and Canadian Top 50 Best Places to Work for Women (rank: 5).

He is an established keynote speaker at multiple annual national CHRO, human resources, and talent acquisition conferences and holds an MBA degree from MIT – Sloan School of Management.

In his conversation with Shannon, Sebastien takes us on Atrium’s journey through the pandemic, the trends he has spotted within the senior executive leadership talent, and the future of work in healthcare.

Watch the full conversation between Shannon and Sebastien in the video above!

Shannon Libbert
Senior Partner
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