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October 2022

Transformation of Leadership focuses on the virtual triangle of ‘Culture, Leadership and Talent

Kingsley Gate Partners conducted a study involving 538 executives from Argentina, Brazil, Chile, Colombia, Spain, Mexico, Peru, USA, and Venezuela, to understand the impact of the Business Model Transformation Process on the Leadership Style, Company Culture and Talent Value Proposition.


Some of our main conclusions showed:

1. Transformation is a reality and it is already happening.

81% of the participants believe that the transformation of their company’s business model is already happening

2. It’s time to transform the culture!

77% believe that this transformation has a very significant impact on the organization’s culture. 84% say that culture is a conditioning or critical factor for the success of the transformation process.

3. Focus on adaptability, creativity, and the way to lead.

Participants identified the organizational and personal capabilities they consider key in this environment: 1) Flexibility and adaptability, 2) Creativity and innovation, 3) Transformational leadership that connects the best talent with the company’s purpose.

4. The change in culture will necessarily change the profile of leaders.

The cultural transformation will have a major impact on the profiles and behaviours of the organization’s leaders, according to 73% of the participants.