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October 2022

Keep a hold of the women currently in technology and help them recognize the potential they have to be future leaders

Diversity of thought takes time to embrace. Lesley Salmon, SVP and Chief Information Officer, Kellogg Company, and our first Her Corner Office podcast guest takes us through her journey as a leading woman executive in technology. 

“If you are surrounded by people that are like you in how they’ve been brought up, in their education, in their thought processes, you’re going to get through work pretty quickly. 90% of the time, you’re going to agree and you’re going to get to a reasonable solution.

If you inject some diversity of background, of gender, of thought into your equation, you’re going to find yourself in conflict an awful lot more than when you’re surrounded by like-minded people. But I guarantee, you are going to have much more interesting conversations and you are going to drive to a better a result than if you didn’t have that diversity.”

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