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October 2022

Mentors are the Sounding Boards that have already Navigated the Maze

Not everyone has or needs a mentor. There are many successful executives today who paved their way to the top without a guide or a ‘coach’ helping them to navigate the maze.  

However, what are the benefits of having a mentor and where and how do we find the right fit? 

Kingsley Gate’s Her Corner Office program addresses this question (one of many!) through one-to-one conversations with some of the top leading women executives in the world today. We have recorded video interviews, podcasts, and run a global survey – the findings of which will first be available to the subscribers of this newsletter! 

But, coming back to the topic at hand, mentorship is a two-way relationship that guides you on your way to the top. It could be one person or many, but these individuals are the sounding boards, the critics, the friends who share their vast experiences with you and help you bring value to your career. 

“Shamelessly seek advice.” 

If you have questions, doubts, ideas, thoughts – talk about them. It is perfectly okay to be shameless in asking for advice.  

Her Corner Office ft.  Nalini George, Chief People Officer,  Rakuten India

Her Corner Office ft.&nbsp Dr Shalini Sarin, Co-founder and Executive Director,  Elektromobilitat India Pvt Ltd

“Your mentor could be sitting right next to you – and not in a cabin.” 

The one thing we need to understand is that mentors can be found everywhere and in anyone. They could be your work colleagues or leaders from your industry, but they could also be your childhood friend, your family, and even your next-door neighbor. Understand the qualities and the traits you seek in your mentor and want to incorporate into your own personal and professional leadership style. Build that network of individuals who inspire you. 

Her Corner Office ft.  Felicia Guity, DBA, Chief of Staff,  Google

Her Corner Office ft.  Jennifer Grove, VP – External Relations,  Baptist Health Care

Grow the relationship.” 

Mentorship doesn’t end once you reach your goal. As businesses evolve, so do the models and the economy, making it the perfect opportunity for you and your mentor to talk through these changes and use the solutions to your advantage. Granted, some relationships can be formal, for example, a corporate program, but there are also informal relationships. It is up to you to grow through what you go through together and build a trusting and transparent mentor-mentee commitment to each other.  

What competencies do mentors help you develop? Our survey of leading women executives from across the globe said that Navigating Politics and Company Dynamics were among the top competencies they imbibed from their mentor. Next in line were Leadership Style and Building Self-Awareness, followed by Building Resilience.  

Here is a sneak peek into our preliminary findings from the survey.

Survey Results

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