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Introducing HELIA

A transformative approach to executive search that centers decision making as the primary lens for identifying, evaluating, and selecting outstanding executive leaders.

By understanding how potential leaders’ qualifications and personal styles align to an organization’s unique business transformation agenda and decision-making environment, Kingsley Gate is better able to help companies successfully hire executive leaders for lasting fit.

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Explore Our Global Practices

by Industry
Our global industry practices bring you a depth of expertise within each sector and sub-sectors to ensure you hire the best decision maker for your organization.
by Function
Our global functional practices bring you executive leaders with the required readiness and potential that ensure the greatest decision-making impact for your organization across all sectors.
Private Equity & Venture Capital
Onboard a cultural fit beyond the
revolving door of obvious candidates.
A senior executive who's satisfied with decision effectiveness, is 3.6x more likely to be satisfied with their job overall
Executives who actively discussed decision making before taking the job are 70% more satisfied with their current role than those who didn’t
The biggest drivers to improve decision effectiveness were leadership and new employees
Yet, business decision making is almost entirely absent from the executive recruiting conversation.
At Kingsley Gate, it is front and center in all we do.
We explore your transformation story together by discussing the environment(s) in which business decisions are to be made
we explore
We thoroughly assess candidates’ decision-making experience, potential, and style
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We map candidates per our proprietary decisions framework on a variety of dimensions, bringing you the best fit for your business and culture
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Our global consultants collaborate across borders to form a team that offers bespoke and creative solutions for your industrial, functional, and geographical executive talent requirements.
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What does an Executive Search firm do?
An executive search firm is a company that specializes in the identification, hiring, and onboarding of senior business executives. Typically, the firm’s services are sought out by another company (the “client”) that wishes to hire a new external executive (i.e., someone not currently working at said company)., Executive Search firms seek to understand the context and motivations for this new executive being hire being made and then bring the client options that they feel could work well based on their understanding of both the client’s needs and the candidate’s potential to be successful in the role.

What makes someone good at executive search?
At the individual level: Executive Search consultants are considered “good” when they demonstrate 5 core skills:
  • Listening: Absorbing what a client or candidate is saying - and not saying
  • Creativity: Thinking outside the box and developing innovative solutions
  • Business acumen: Understanding how talent levers drive value creation and risk mitigation
  • Interpersonal intelligence: Perceiving and responding to others in a human way
  • Resilience: Overcoming challenges and setbacks with grace
At the firm level: Executive Search firms are considered “good” when they demonstrate 5 core attributes:
  • Track record: Having successfully driven business impact for clients
  • Collaboration: Enabling firm members to work together, share knowledge, and improve client service
  • Formalized expertise: Setting aside specific time and resources to grow industry or functional specialization
  • Adaptability: Meeting clients where they are, changing approaches when needed to suit a given situation
  • Perspective: Asserting a fact-based, differentiated point of view about the world, business, and executive hiring

Why do companies use executive search?
Companies employ the services of Executive Search firms to complement or enhance their internal executive talent acquisition capabilities. They benefits they cite include a) access to passive candidates who are not actively looking to switch jobs, b) experience, gravitas, and finesse when conducting sensitive conversations, e.g., contract negotiation, c) pattern recognition from having executed thousands of executive searches in the past, and d) market intelligence (e.g., the latest trends, comp benchmarks, etc.)

What differentiates Kingsley Gate's Executive Search solutions from other search firms?
Kingsley Gate is the first and only search firm in the world to frame the problem executive hiring is solving in terms of the business decisions that move the company forward. HELIA, our unique approach to Executive Search, which incorporates decision making throughout the process, is an innovative way to identify, hire, and onboard senior leaders. Our research with the Financial Times confirmed that:
  • 63% of leaders have resigned or considered resigning from past positions due to dissatisfaction with how decisions were made
  • Decision making is often overlooked in the interview process (25% of the time), with negative consequences
  • Executive hiring is one of the highest-impact levers to draw on to improve an organization’s decision effectiveness.

Can Kingsley Gate help with international or global executive searches?
Kingsley Gate has executed search work in over 33 countries and is well-positioned to continue meeting the needs of our clients around the world. With strength in North America, Latin America, Europe, the Middle East, and Asia/Pacific, our global internal and external networks help provide innovative, relevant, and high-impact solutions for our clients.

What industries does Kingsley Gate specialize in for executive searches?
We have 6 formal industry practices led by senior consultants with years of experience placing distinctive candidates in each sector: Financial Services, Industrial, Technology, Healthcare and Life Sciences, Consumer Markets, and Services. In addition, we also provide our services to Private Equity and Venture Capital investors by supplying their portfolio companies with senior leaders, across industries.