Nalini George

fevereiro 2022

Em 2021, a diversidade, a equidade e a inclusão passaram a estar no topo da agenda da maioria das empresas. No entanto, ainda temos um longo caminho a percorrer até atingirmos verdadeiramente o equilíbrio que reflecte a realidade da nossa sociedade.

Lançada na sequência do nosso relatório Women in Business do ano passado, a nossa nova série global, Her Corner Office, dá a conhecer as histórias de oportunidades, desafios e realizações que catapultaram para o sucesso mulheres executivas de topo.

Our first guest is Nalini George, Chief People Officer at Rakuten India – the largest ecommerce company in Japan with 70+ businesses spanning digital content, communications, mobile and FinTech.

In her conversation with Arushi Bhattacharya, Partner at Kingsley Gate Partners, Nalini discusses the importance of mentorship for aspiring and leading senior women executives, key motivators and drivers that keep her going, and her empowering leadership style.

She dives deep into her journey as a leader while also touching upon the relevance of diversity, equity, and inclusion to ensure a culture fit in organizations.

Find out who inspires Nalini, her top prediction for 2022, and leadership advice she would give her 24-year old self.

About Nalini George

Nalini George is the Chief People Officer of Rakuten, India. She has over 20 years of experience working across multiple cultures—including India, Japan, the USA, the UK, Canada, and Korea.

Under Nalini’s leadership, the Human Resources Function of the company has scaled exponentially in the past 4 years. She has spearheaded the successful implementation of HR strategies and best practices aligned with the organization’s global mandate within a short period. Through her growth-driven approach, in-depth expertise, and astute style of working, Nalini has transformed the role of HR from a support function to being the key business enabler.

Being also a Board Member of Rakuten, India, she works as a coach and an advisor to the senior leadership team.

Nalini is an avid reader, a multitasker, an ex-NCC cadet, and a Tennis enthusiast. Her passion and enthusiasm as an HR professional work as an inspiration for her team members and everybody around her.

Watch the full conversation between Arushi and Nalini in the video above!

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