2019 Diversity & Inclusion
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October 2019

2019 Diversity & Inclusion

Kingsley Gate Partners and the U.S. Institute partnered on a “first-of-it’s kind” survey of Diversity & Inclusion taking place in the asset management industry. The results of their 2019 Diversity & Inclusion survey included responses from 52 asset managers representing over $12 Trillion in AUM.

The survey examined the following initiatives globally:
• Why does Diversity and Inclusion matter?
• What training and awareness programs are currently in place?
• What are key barriers to hiring more diverse employees?
• How are asset managers prioritizing inclusion initiatives and where are they in the implementation of these initiatives?
• Diversity in practice: D&I headcount statistics across investments, C-Suite and Board.

You will see that, whatever their reasons, virtually everyone has their work cut out for them as they articulate their motives, identify and attract desirable candidates, and reshape their cultures to not only accommodate, but also take maximum advantage of the variety of perspectives and skill sets that a truly diverse asset management organization can offer.

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