Q&A with Luigi Maria Fierro: Finding Balance within HR Data Analytics

March 2022

Senior Partner, Arnaud Despierre recently hosted a conversation on Reinventing HR: A Leader’s Journey through People Analytics, featuring Global Head of HR Strategy and People Analytics at ING, Luigi Maria Fierro.

The conversation unraveled the future of people analytics in HR and its relevance to organizations at both a global and local level. The session ended with questions that Luigi Maria answers in the above video. This particular snippet covers the following questions:

  1. How do you balance the detailed level of HR data analytics at the headquarter/global level versus the regional/local level vis-a-vis the difference in approach to the patterns or trends?
  2. What HR system do you use at ING—do you have an internal or external system? If it is external, how do you and your team complement the existing system modules at ING?

Watch part one of the conversation between Arnaud and Luigi Maria in the video above!

Arnaud Despierre
Senior Partner
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