Prashanth Doreswamy : A conversation on the sustainability matrix at Continental Automotive

September 2021

Prashanth Doreswamy is the Country Head – Continental India & Managing Director — Continental Automotive Components (India) Pvt Ltd. With over 29 years of experience in the automotive and manufacturing industry, Prashanth enjoys working alongside responsible leaders, who not only do what is right for shareholders but also what is right for their employees.

His area of expertise includes but is not limited to establishing Greenfield facilities, operations management, program management, lean manufacturing, just-in-time (JIT) & just-in-sequence(JIS) manufacturing, product planning, business development, commercials, strategy and general management, JV management.

Prior to Continental, Prashanth was the Managing Director & Country Manager – India & SEA, Cooper Standard, and the Chairman of the Board, Cooper Standard India Private Limited. He is a certified Senior TBEM assessor (Malcolm Baldridge assessment) within TATA Group and has successfully assessed nine TATA group companies.

Prashanth is well-recognized for spearheading multiple sustainability efforts at the German technology major. At an organization level, sustainability can be achieved only when it involves an all-inclusive matrix that caters to the people, the system, the processes, and the stakeholders.

In his conversation with Senior Partner Sanjay R. Shastry, Prashanth highlights the relevance of sustainability, the balance between achieving corporate goals and maintaining a sound sustainability matrix, the diversity equity and inclusion equation within the sector, and the senior executive talent that could potentially be the key differentiator in the C-suite of the future.

Watch the full conversation between Sanjay and Prashanth in the video above!

Sanjay R. Shastry
Senior Partner
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