Mohith Mohan : A conversation on the evolving GCC/GIC trends in India and Lowes' sustainability and DE&I agenda

August 2021

Mohith Mohan is the Senior Director – Human Resources at Lowe’s India. In this HR leadership role, he leads the entire HR portfolio, including culture development, change management, recruitment, diversity & inclusion, workforce planning, organization development, compensation and benefits, performance management, training & development, communications & branding, and CSR.

Mohith brings a rich HR experience in the financial, product, and retail space. His expertise cuts across consulting, organizational strategy, coaching, and building organizations. Before Lowe’s, he worked with Hudson’s Bay Company (HBC) as the Divisional Vice President and Site Leader. He was instrumental in building and leading the HBC India office as a Site Leader with a key focus on designing a robust operating model to deliver a sound customer experience. Before that, Mohith held various leadership positions at Fidelity Investments and Yahoo!

He is an MBA in human resources from Fairleigh Dickinson University and holds a Bachelor of Engineering degree in Industrial Engineering from RV College of Engineering, Bengaluru, India. Mohith enjoys coaching conversations, organization design, and building for the future.

In this conversation with Vice President Arushi Bhattacharya, Mohith dives deep into the emerging and evolving trends around Global Capability Centers and Global Innovation Centers in India. He also discusses the three pillars of sustainability – product, people/community, and operational excellence – while also explaining how the Lowe’s Innovation Lab helps accelerate their sustainability agenda. Last but not the least, Mohith also touches upon the relevance of culture and diversity, equity, and inclusion.

Watch the full conversation between Mohith Mohan and Arushi Bhattacharya in the video above!

Arushi Bhattacharya
Vice President
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