How do companies keep up with the evolving requirements of ESG, and how can the board provide support?:

April 2022

What is Environment, Social, Governance? How relevant is it for your business—and what measures can/should you, as board members, take to ensure the implementation of ESG at your organisation?

With 20 years of in-depth expertise and proven leadership skills on sustainability / ESG, renewables, compliance, governance and organisational development under her belt, Maja de Vibe, Senior Vice President, Sustainability, Governance, and Compliance at Statkraft reveals all during her conversation with Andy Davies, Senior Partner at Kingsley Gate Partners.

“Do boards have the capabilities and competencies to know what to ask for when it relates to ESG and understand the difference between window dressing and actual progress?”

Maja shares recommendations and advice for boards to feature ESG in their boardroom strategy, how to ensure ESG is reflected in all your important business decisions, and what are the skills one must keep in mind as they hire the ‘right’ ESG talent.

About Maja de Vibe

Maja de Vibe is Senior Vice President, Sustainability, Governance, and Compliance at Statkraft—a leading company in hydropower internationally and Europe’s largest generator of renewable energy.

Currently responsible for the overall Sustainability Strategy at the company, Maja has held different roles at the company, managing compliance, governance and sustainability topics since she joined the company in 2013.

She spent the first part of her career based in emerging markets, including nearly 10 years based in Africa working on ESG for the British Government and others. She managed large investments (USD65 million) in projects to enhance governance and sustainable development in Africa.

Watch the full conversation between Andy Davies and Maja de Vibe in the video above!

Andy Davies
Senior Partner
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