Inna Kuznetsova

January 2023

The year 2021 saw diversity, equity, and inclusion make it to the top of the agenda for most firms. However, we still have a long way to go before we truly achieve the balance that reflects our society’s reality.

Launched in succession to our Women in Business report last year, our new global series, Her Corner Office, brings to light the stories of opportunities, challenges, and achievements that catapulted leading women executives to success.

Our next episode features Inna Kuznetsova, Chief Executive Officer of the ToolsGroup.

In her conversation with Vanya I. Mackay, Vice President Kingsley Gate Partners, Inna shares advice for aspiring leaders on their way to the corner office, details of her successful journey to the top – and much more!

About Inna Kuznetsova

Inna Kuznetsova is the CEO of ToolsGroup.

Inna joined ToolsGroup following a series of senior roles in SaaS and supply chain companies with a focus on fast growth and innovation.

In her previous role, she was the CEO of 1010data, the leading provider of cross-enterprise data analytics tools. Before joining 1010data, Inna was the President and COO of INTTRA, the largest digital network and analytics provider for the ocean shipping industry. Her previous adventures include serving as Chief Commercial Officer of CEVA Logistics and Global VP, Marketing & Sales, Systems Software at IBM where she spent over 19 years in a variety of global roles.

Inna completed her MS and Ph.D. in mathematics at Moscow State University and her MBA at Columbia Business School. She is a frequent speaker on technology-driven innovation and the author of two bestselling career books in Russia.

Watch the full conversation between Vanya and Inna in the video above!

Vanya I. Mackay
Vice President
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