Dr. Sally Taylor

May 2023

Recent years have seen diversity, equity, and inclusion make it to the top of the agenda for most firms. However, we still have a long way to go before we truly achieve the balance that reflects our society’s reality.

Launched in succession to our 2021 Women in Business report, our global series, Her Corner Office, brings to light the stories of opportunities, challenges, and achievements that catapulted leading women executives to success.

In this episode, we feature Dr. Sally Taylor, Senior Executive in Medical Affairs, in conversation with Ivan Lim, Senior Partner at Kingsley Gate Partners. Dr. Sally shares her experiences, advice, and reflections on leadership with the aspiring woman leaders of tomorrow. She discusses important qualities of a great leader, such as actively listening and providing role clarity and accountability. Dr. Sally also emphasizes the importance of having a purpose and passion that serve as an anchor in tough times.

Tune in to hear about her greatest success and lesson in her career journey.

About Dr. Sally Taylor

Dr. Sally is a highly accomplished Senior Executive who began her career as a Medical Officer after graduating from the prestigious University of Bristol in the UK. After gaining valuable experience working at hospitals for five years, she transitioned to the pharmaceutical industry and spent almost 15 years with GSK. Her most recent role was as the Vice President Medical Head of Europe Region.

With her diverse experience in various therapy areas, including Vaccines, Oncology, Immunology, Respiratory, Allergy, and Dermatology, Dr. Sally has developed a strong international leadership presence spanning the UK, Europe, North America, and Canada. She is well-regarded for her impressive track record in transforming, re-structuring, change management, and building large, high-performing teams.

Beyond her professional pursuits, Dr. Sally is a talented musician with a passion for piano and composition. She also participates in a professional choir group in her spare time, showcasing her artistic abilities and diverse range of interests.

Watch the full conversation between Ivan and Dr. Sally in the video above!

Ivan Lim
Senior Partner
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