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November 2022

Working with AI in HR: A series

Kingsley Gate Partners presents the second in a series of conversations focusing on Reinventing HR. This four-part discussion, hosted by Arnaud Despierre (迪安诺) and Kaifeng Wang, highlights the role of Artificial Intelligence in the Human Resources function.

We have with us Jason Tamara Widjaja, Director of Artificial Intelligence at MSD. For more than a century, MSD has been at the forefront of research, bringing forward medicines, vaccines, and innovative health solutions for the world’s most challenging diseases.

  • Our first part takes us through the relevance of AI in HR and the leading AI-led technologies available today to the function.

“AI for insights; AI for automation; and AI for innovation, are the three buckets we can frame AI in HR into.”

  • Our second part takes us through the ethics involved in using AI in HR and where must one draw the line between what is technically possible versus what is socially acceptable.

“The more risky AI applications are, the more AI Ethics are required.”