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October 2022

Getting on Boards: steps to secure your first NED role

Getting on Boards”- a webinar hosted by Arnaud Despierre (迪安诺), Asia Region Leader, and Andy Davies, Senior Partner at Kingsley Gate – offers a complete understanding of Boards by addressing the following:

  • What type of Board opportunities exist today?
  • What are Boards looking for in Directors’ candidates?
  • What factors do you need to consider when deciding to join a Board?
  • What angle can you leverage as an Asian leader?
  • The leadership attributes Corporate Boards often look for.

Additionally, the webinar also goes through the three steps that can help increase your chances to get on boards.

  1. Consider getting a professional Director accreditation
  2. Explore ways to build up your non-executive credentials 
  3. Consider joining an Advisory Board 

Watch the full webinar here for more on Getting on Boards.

Senior Partner and Asia Region Leader
Senior Partner