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The world does not need more search firms. What is needed is a radical shift in the approach to Executive Search. The current process employed by search firms worldwide has remained largely unchanged since 1956!
At Kingsley Gate Partners, we are challenging that norm and revolutionizing the industry. The successful execution of this notion is the single most significant reason for our historical growth.
Proprietary Framework - Synchronous Fit
Kingsley Gate Partners Synchronous Fit Our proprietary framework—Synchronous Fit® —uses a blend of science and technology infused with expert human insight to solve complex human capital challenges that arise out of the constant evolution of businesses, dramatically improving those things most important to our clients—Accuracy, Velocity, Transparency and Accountability.
Kingsley Gate Partners Exclusive Technology IP ClientSuite Icon We have made the weekly status call a redundant exercise. ClientSuite, our interactive mobile portal permits you to check on the status of the search from your phone at any time and anywhere.
Candidate Suite
Kingsley Gate Partners Technology IP includes Candidate Suite Our candidates have a lifetime engagement with us through our dedicated mobile portal, CandidateSuite.
Every one of our consultants that serve your needs is an owner of the firm and, therefore, carries the responsibility of the brand on their shoulders. These experienced consultants utilize Synchronous Fit to fuse their credible expert insight with science and technology with one objective in mind—to ensure a lasting fit between you and our placed candidates.
Executive Search
Kingsley Gate Partners service offering Executive Search Icon Always Ahead of the Curve. Our promise is simple: We provide Executive Search that is faster, more accurate and more transparent. Our proven technology roadmap enables us to continuously improve speed and efficiency, keeping us a step ahead of the best.
With offices around the world, Kingsley Gate Partners is the new leader of Global Executive Search.
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