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November 2018

Advancement Strategies of Top Executives – From the RISE THROUGH THE RANKS SUMMIT

If you want to learn how to get into the C-suite or become top of mind for a senior leadership position, then you absolutely have to watch this session with Umesh Ramakrishnan, Office of the CEO at Kingsley Gate Partners and Karen Leong ✯ The Influence Expert, CSP. Umesh is a guest speaker at the Rise Through the Ranks Summit which runs from November 12 – 18.

As someone who has close access to top CEOs in the world (He even wrote a book interviewing them about how they got the top job!), Umesh provides his perspective and the inside scoop on:

– Insights of an executive search professional from the world most successful executives globally

– Why the surest way to the top is not a linear career path

– The qualities that distinguish those who make it to the top and those who don’t.

Want to rise through the ranks? Then click the video link below to watch this session!