Kingsley Gate Statements
14 December 2023

Kingsley Gate Statement on Recent Fraudulent Activity

Recently, Kingsley Gate has become aware of a WhatsApp message being circulated in the name of the company by someone named “Alina” – as well as other aliases. The message asks the recipients to provide personal information, offering to find them a high-paying position.

Impersonation scams like this are unfortunately becoming more common across the Executive Search industry. Kingsley Gate’s increased visibility and presence in the market as a leading global Executive Search firm means that we also risk attracting attention from scammers.

We take this matter very seriously and are actively working to put a stop to this scam by reporting each occurrence to WhatsApp, working with the WhatsApp Business Compliance Team, and urging those who encounter such messages to flag them to both WhatsApp and to Kingsley Gate. Kingsley Gate is also continuing to monitor the situation to the best of our ability to identify and counteract this illegal activity as quickly as possible.

We encourage everyone to remain vigilant and to adopt the following tips to protect yourself and your organization on WhatsApp and similar platforms:
  • Before engaging with any messages, especially those related to job offers or financial transactions, verify the identities of the individuals or organizations involved. Use official websites, contact numbers, LinkedIn profiles, or email addresses to cross-check the information.
  • Enhance the security of your WhatsApp account by enabling two-factor authentication. This adds an extra layer of protection, requiring a verification code in addition to your password when accessing your account.
  • Be cautious of unsolicited messages from unknown numbers, especially if they involve financial transactions or requests for personal information.
  • If you receive messages that seem suspicious or if someone is impersonating a reputable organization, report the activity to WhatsApp. This helps the platform take appropriate action against potential scams.
  • Stay informed about common scams circulating on WhatsApp and other messaging platforms. Understanding the tactics used by scammers can help you recognize and avoid potential threats. Keep up-to-date with security best practices to protect yourself and others.

The integrity of our firm and helping to keep Kingsley Gate’s community safe is of utmost importance to us. We appreciate the continued trust and support from our clients and candidates as we address this challenge and work diligently to put a stop to this illegal activity.