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Her Corner Office

A global study on Women in Business

Gender diversity has made its way to the top of the agenda for most companies. However, we still have a long way to go before we achieve the balance that truly reflects the realities of our society– especially since it is not yet moving at the speed the business environment demands.

The ‘Women in Business’ study conducted in LatAm in 2021 aimed to understand women executive leaders; what made them successful; and identified the management skills and leadership attributes they developed allowing them to achieve roles as Board Members, CEOs, and other key positions (C-Level) in the front line.

Fast forward to 2022, our ‘Her Corner Office’ report took the study global, featuring both qualitative and quantitative insights gleaned from our conversations with leading women executives across the globe as well as our global survey.

As leaders, ensuring deliberate progress toward achieving a gender-diverse workplace is paramount for fostering inclusivity and harnessing the full potential of talent. Both reports shed light on the remarkable success of women in leadership positions, specifically in the C-suite and boardroom.

A lot of time roadblocks happen because of data points and assumptions made by other people. Don't just sit there and say, 'I don't understand.' Ask the question because you might find out that it is an assumption that is holding you back.
Shellye Archambeau
Board Director, Fortune 500
Talent Pipelines
The establishment of robust Talent Pipelines signifies more than just proactive planning; it represents a forward-thinking approach to spotting young executives possessing the precise experience and leadership skills required by the organization. By identifying and nurturing this talent early on, companies not only stay prepared but also position themselves to swiftly seize opportunities.
Growth Potential
A systematic evaluation of female executive talent within organizations is essential for unlocking their full potential. By cultivating growth experiences and leveraging innate capacities, organizations not only empower these individuals but also contribute to developing a diverse and capable leadership pool.
Cultural Alignment
Conscious shaping of organizational culture is pivotal for attracting and retaining top talent. Organizations need to recognize the motivations of potential employees, especially newer generations who prioritize inclusive and diverse work environments. Implementing concrete policies that promote inclusivity and diversity not only enhance the organization's reputation but also position it as an attractive and progressive workplace.
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