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November 2021

The lodging and restaurant industry is in the process of an unprecedented reset allowing for forward-thinking organizations to gain an extraordinary competitive edge as the world emerges from the global pandemic. With the holidays coming up, the hospitality and travel industries are slowly picking up pace in regions like South America where the crisis also seems to have led to the evolution of a new M&A landscape.

Organizations will be and are being challenged like never before to provide impactful guest experiences. Consumers will be and are expecting nothing less than the most memorable experiences when engaging in leisure activities as we enter Hospitality 2.0.

This all at a time where senior leaders within the industry are thinking about “personal resets” including moving to competitor organizations and even worse, exiting the hospitality industry to consider endeavors in other sectors of business.

Below are the roles that are currently trending as hot jobs within the lodging and restaurant business:

Chief DE&I Officer and HR Officers (Lodging & Restaurant)
Chief Commercial Officers (Lodging)
Chief Operating Officers (Lodging)
Asset Management (Lodging)
Board Directors/Advisors (Lodging & Restaurant)
Chief Financial Officers (Restaurant)
Chief Technology Officers (Restaurant)

With the holiday season upon us, watch a quick video snippet on "The revival of the hospitality industry" with Vice President, Arushi Bhattacharya and Prashant Issar, Founder and CEO, Stratix Hospitality
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