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Sonia  Jaramillo Executive Search Kingsley Gate

Sonia Jaramillo


Healthcare and Life Sciences

Sonia Jaramillo is a Partner at Kingsley Gate. She has over 16 years of professional experience. She has proven to be an expert in identifying and attracting high-level talent for organizations in a variety of sectors in the Andean Region.

Before working at Kingsley Gate, Sonia worked for 11 years at HAYS; where her last position was Director of the Hays Executive Unit for the Andean Region (leading 1st and 2nd level positions) in sectors such as Life Sciences, Logistics, Energy, Consumer Goods, and Industry. Before, she worked for 5 years at Samper Head Hunting (leading middle and senior management positions) in various sectors of the Economy.

Sonia has a psychology degree from the Pontificia Universidad Javeriana in Bogotá, Colombia. She is a specialist in design and application of psychometric tests for Pontificia Universidad Javeriana and also completed a master’s degree in organizational psychology at the University of Belgrano in Buenos Aires, Argentina.

During her time in executive search, Sonia has successfully led searches for senior executives for more than 100 leadership roles. Passionate about the working world, she has a great ability to select the best talents to help organizations reach their maximum potential. She is dedicated to identifying leaders who not only meet the requirements of a position but also align with the culture and values of the company. She firmly believes that the success of an organization depends on its people, and she strives to find candidates who can contribute to growth.

Sonia is known for her commitment to excellence, quality in service, and dedication to the firm’s clients, providing much closeness, transparency, and assertive communication.

She is based in Colombia.