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Natalie Bennett Executive Search Kingsley Gate

Natalie Bennett

Chief of Staff

Natalie Bennett serves as Chief of Staff for Kingsley Gate.

She has led the development and implementation of processes and systems for all day-to-day operations since the firm’s founding. Her unwavering commitment to excellence and her ability to navigate complex business environments have made her a trusted leader and a valuable asset in driving organizational success.
In her role, Natalie serves as the connective tissue for all departments and the leadership team to develop, prioritize and support both strategic and tactical operations worldwide.

Before joining Kingsley Gate, Natalie spent 15 years with CTPartners as the Firm’s Director of Quality and Training. In this role, Natalie worked closely with senior management and practice leaders providing operational reporting and analysis, training, and professional development support. She partnered with senior leadership and the IT development team for all client-facing programs and platforms supporting search process excellence.

Natalie is based in the firm's Cleveland, Ohio location.

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