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Kristina Kalkman Executive Search Kingsley Gate

Kristina Kalkman

Portland, Oregon

Kristina Kalkman is a Partner with Kingsley Gate. Her consultative approach has proven highly effective at executing strategic talent initiatives and delivering outstanding, diverse talent.

Kristina's hands-on, common sense approach is highly effective in matching appropriate talent to leadership positions for companies of all sizes – from Start-ups to Fortune 100 companies. She has delivered a broad range of roles for clients spanning industries including, Technology, Consumer Goods, Energy, Insurance, Sustainability, Manufacturing, and Lean for both manufacturing and service industries.

Her strengths include her ability to listen and relate to the specific needs of her clients, allowing her to serve as a powerful advisor to identify and refine current and future leadership requirements. Kristina's passion is helping clients achieve their goals through a fundamental understanding of their needs and expanding their overall potential through the right talent.

As a prior Entrepreneur, Kristina understands the drive and determination behind her clients’ charge to advance revenue, profitability, and growth – with a constant drive for continuous improvement. One of Kristina’s specific areas of expertise is working with Founders/CEOs of privately held companies to define and acquire the right leadership and skills necessary to achieve their next level.

While she typically conducts national searches, Kristina’s presence in the Pacific Northwest for over 20 years gives her keen insight into the cultures, talent markets, industries, and unique challenges of the greater west coast. The area also lends to Kristina’s favorite past times, including fly-fishing, golfing, and enjoying the local cuisines and wines with family and friends.