Synchronous Fit

What Do You,
as Our Client, Want?

The results of hundreds of surveys conducted with our clients were obvious on the surface, but deep inside the data, we saw an unmet need. Simply put, you want searches to be completed in the fastest possible time without sacrificing rigor and quality.

You want the candidate that perfectly fits your needs and your culture, and you want them yesterday. And, oh yes, you would like to know what the search firm is doing on your behalf without having to ask about progress repeatedly.
Synchronous Fit® is a unique framework built using cloud-based, mobile-first technologies and behavioral science integrated with proven interviewing methodologies. It complements the objectivity of an exclusive scientific profiling process with the deep human insight of expert search consultants – ensuring a fit between clients and candidates that lasts over time.
Embedded inside are two proprietary online tools – Athena and the Attribute Selector – that assess both the client and the candidate with a structured interview. Our sophisticated algorithm ensures an ideal match of desired skills and cultural leadership attributes to ensure a lasting fit.
Synchronous Fit® 3.0 uses cutting-edge technology; however, it does not put the burden of using that technology on the client. It is architected, designed and built to exponentially enhance the capabilities of the Kingsley Gate Partners’ team to provide executive search service at remarkable velocity, and with an accuracy that will change the trajectory of the executive search industry forever. Think of it as an exoskeleton for a soldier. An exoskeleton permits a human soldier to do superhuman things.

Synchronous Fit® does that for the Kingsley Gate Partners’ team.