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Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, and Blockchain technology are terms that are fast becoming more and more common in today’s ever-evolving business environment. The impact this technology has had across the current global economy is giving rise to various visionary, transformative, and flexible leadership roles. Companies across industries are looking for candidates who are dynamic and competitive enough to reset the benchmarks for science and technology with expertise for both communications and business strategy.

The CDO, CTO and CIO positions have become mission-critical to high-performing organizations, and the role continues evolving rapidly.

Successful CDOs will need to anticipate change and be ready to lead it. As a firm that is powered by technology, we build cutting-edge, proprietary tools that make the search process faster, easier and more efficient for everyone involved - our clients, our candidates and our consultants.

Our partners have led technology organizations and possess operational, hands-on expertise discerning winners from also-rans. From Silicon Valley to Bangalore and from Shanghai to Tel Aviv, Kingsley Gate Partners possess a successful track record, placing executives who have positively impacted our clients.