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Trust. Steady. Adapt.


Chief Financial Officers and senior financial leadership roles work as a close advisor and the key strategic source to both the CEO and the board. Tasked with the oversight of transformation, innovation, relationship building and collaboration, the new type of financial officer needs to be adaptable and act swiftly.  We recognize that.

Kingsley Gate Partners helps clients recruit executives with strong leadership skills and exceptional financial qualifications.  These leaders hail from an expert background in finance and accounting and can easily adapt to the multiple strategic responsibilities required of them.

Using our Synchronous Fit technology, we have successfully placed multiple senior financial leadership roles in both emerging and expanding fintech companies. Our aim is to help assess, identify, and develop the financial leaders of the future using state of the art science and technology which ensures a strategic fit for our clients.

We’ve built an exceptionally strong track record for successful CFO and other critical financial function searches across industry sectors and throughout the world. These search assignments have covered the full range of financial leadership roles, including: