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Galaxy Of Leaders Conference - Industry Event
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Bengaluru  -  November 2016

The Galaxy Of Leaders Conference Comes To India As Kingsley Gate Partners Continues The Discussion In Bengaluru

Kingsley Gate Partners hosted the second roundtable discussion at Mulberry, Ritz-Carlton in Bengaluru on Tuesday, 8th November, as part of their Galaxy of Leaders conference series.

The conversation was held amongst key professionals, including chief executives, country heads and HR leaders from prominent companies across industries including financial services, pharmaceuticals, healthcare, technology and consumer goods and services.

The conversation, titled ‘Is your CHRO your next CEO,’ involved discussing and debating the merits of increasing the scope of responsibilities of HR functions in organizations, thereby increasing the accountability of HR in the performance of a business.

The relevance of this discussion has an increasing prominence with the growing scope of the HR function. Amar Abrol, the CEO of Air Asia India, said that at Air Asia, the function is called ‘People and Culture’. “Our whole product, the business and the whole ethos behind it, is all about people. So it will be a people manager who will graduate to the role of a CEO. From a competence standpoint, we find that the role of a CHRO is closer to the role of a CEO than, for instance, a CFO.”

The CHRO function is often looked at as an administrative function without direct involvement in business performance and, therefore, without direct impact upon output. This discussion involved understanding the evolving role of HR from a support function to a profitable medium for success, and featured suggestions from the attendees about some practical approaches to make that happen.

As per Kshitij Jain, the Managing Director at Exide Life Insurance, prior experience in managing a business is an important factor in making this happen. He says, “Individuals looking to head up a function should have experience managing top line and bottom line before undertaking the role. Functional heads today are not tech specialists, they are aggregators. I believe that actual experience running a P&L is imperative in order to be successful. I believe that this should become a prerequisite for a CHRO before he or she is promoted to the role.”

This discussion is one of four being held in 4 cities in the Asia-Pacific region, including Singapore, Bengaluru, Mumbai and New Delhi by Kingsley Gate Partners.

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