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December 2020

KKR Announces Promotions

KKR has announced the following people have been appointed to Managing Director:

  • Anne Arlinghaus, Capstone, New York
  • Brad Bellomo, Audit, New York
  • Dave Blodgett, Technology, Engineering and Data, New York
  • Paula Campbell Roberts, Global Macro Balance Sheet & Risk, New York
  • Bobby Campbell, Credit & Markets, New York
  • David Cheong, Real Estate, Hong Kong
  • Angelique Faustino, Technology, Engineering and Data, New York
  • Cristina Gonzalez, Infrastructure, London
  • Vikram Govindan, Insurance Strategy & Strategic Finance, London
  • Jake Heller, Next Generation Technology, New York
  • Jill Henn, Human Capital, London
  • Franziska Kayser, Private Equity, London
  • Jae Ko, Client and Partner Group, Hong Kong
  • Sanjay Kothari, Technology, Engineering and Data, New York
  • Nonie Lame, Human Capital, New York
  • William Needham, Credit & Markets, London
  • Gabriele Questa, Capstone, London
  • Daniel Rudin, Real Estate, New York
  • Michael Russell, Credit & Markets, San Francisco
  • Kugan Sathiyanandarajah, Health Care Strategic Growth, London
  • Elizabeth Seeger, Public Policy and Affairs (ESG), Washington DC
  • Vance Serchuk, Public Policy and Affairs (KGI), New York
  • Jigar Shah, Corporate NBFC, Legal & Compliance, Mumbai
  • Stephen Shanley, Next Generation Technology, London
  • Deran Taskiran, Capstone, New York
  • Emil Werr, Technology, Engineering and Data, New York

KKR is a leading global investment firm that manages multiple alternative asset classes, including private equity, credit and real assets, with strategic partners that manage hedge funds. The firm has $222 billion in assets under management as of June 30, 2020. Headquartered in New York, NY, KKR has a team of over 1,500 employees, consultants, and senior advisors, including approximately 480 investment professionals working across 16 industries in offices around the world.