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Jeff Kartheiser Executive Search Kingsley Gate

Jeff Kartheiser


Jeff Kartheiser is a Partner with Kingsley Gate.

Jeff brings more than 16 years of proven success in executive search, recruitment, client support, and leadership. He has become a trusted and reliable business partner across many verticals, including human resources, professional services, accounting and finance, manufacturing, supply chain and procurement.

Prior to joining Kingsley Gate, Jeff was a Managing Director with GattiHR, an HR specialty search firm. Previously Jeff was Managing Director at Randstad for six years.

As a successful advisor and collaborator, Jeff has a strong track record of developing recruiting strategies that achieve the talent’s agenda while driving the employer’s brand. Whether partnering with a Fortune 500 company or a startup, Jeff can drive the client’s message and attract the right talent for any organization. Jeff has been tasked with rebuilding a number of corporate recruiting divisions.

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