Transformation & Leadership
Final Conclusions
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“Just when we thought we had all the answers, suddenly all the questions have changed”.5

By way of summary of the above analysis and the ongoing disruptive changes affecting the business world, we propose the following reflections, which bring us closer to the new questions whose answers are the key to success in an environment that has moved from VUCA to VUCAD (with the D for Disruption):

- If the transformation of business models is obvious and imminent, do we have the internal capabilities to stay continuously connected in the technology-customer-market knowledge flow and bring it into our daily business?

- If for this constant connection we need to focus on creation and innovation, do we have the right culture, do we tolerate mistakes, do we value creativity, do we strongly support innovation, and do we strongly support innovation?

- If culture is the result of leaders’ behavior, do we have the right leadership for this transformational environment, at both senior and middle management levels?

- If talent is increasingly important, do we have a talent value proposition (TVP) that enhances our ability to attract, retain and develop talent? Do we invest in it?

According to the firm Innosight, the average longevity of companies at Standard & Poor’s has gone from 67 years in 1920 to 15 years in 2016, with the average life span of a company expected to be only 12 years in 2027. The survival of our organizations will depend on our ability to successfully respond to the need to adapt, in terms of culture and leadership, to an environment in a continuous process of accelerated change and constant disruption.

Do we have the leaders who question seemingly untouchable paradigms, who question themselves, and who know how to surround themselves with teams capable of facing these challenges?

There is no better time than the present to rethink, beyond our value proposition, the work models, culture and values that inspire them, to shape leadership that connects with the best talents who not only rethink how they want to work, but also aspire to find the answer to the reason for their efforts, to collaborate in environments where there is a genuine sense of purpose, where you can contribute with maximum flexibility and autonomy and in an environment of trust, in an environment where the most human dimension - the “human experience” - is at the center of the relationship.

John Lennon said that “life is what happens while we are making other plans.” In 2021 we were planning to return to normality, to our “comfort zone”, but reality has set in and we find ourselves with the urgency to start a profound transformation, which is already underway and evolving at an enormous speed. Transformation of our business models that has a radical impact on the culture of our companies and the way we lead. Leadership that involves a human dimension that we talked about before, but to which we paid little real attention, and that we now have to develop, because “talent chooses”. We have, without a doubt, a huge challenge ahead of us.