Kingsley Gate Partners is a global retained executive search firm. We are owned and operated by our partners. We require each and every partner to have a significant ownership stake in the firm. So the partner who serves your needs is a business owner who understands that your complete satisfaction is the lifeline of our success as a firm. Our compensation is based on partner performance alone. We have one focus – our Client. We invest heavily in technology to ensure that we deliver the highest quality service in the least amount of time. Our partners are seasoned search executives, many of whom have held senior operating positions in their career. Since many of us come from larger firms, we completely understand the perils of size. Therefore size is not a business objective. Our only objective is to continue to build a firm that can serve the needs of our clients in areas and geographies that they require.

Our Business Philosophy

Every single business process at Kingsley Gate Partners is focused on the client. We don’t build billing systems to make it easier for our accountants; we build systems that make it easier for the client. Our research teams are not back office resources but are trained to focus on the client’s needs from day one by being part of client interaction. Our executive assistants are trained to ensure that they make life easy for the clients by going above and beyond normal administrative support. Our business philosophy is to think of solving every single business problem through the eyes of the client. Every discussion about change begins with one question: “How will this benefit our client?”

Our Culture

We measure everything. We believe that anything that needs to be improved should be measured and adjusted periodically. We are completely transparent both externally and internally. We believe in direct and honest communication between us and with our clients. We are trained to be professional in our communication but we do not sugarcoat either advice or news. We believe that trust and confidence is a treasured resource and we work hard to retain it. Ours is a performance culture, and our partners are obsessed with high quality performance and client satisfaction.

We are the alternative

As a client you are focused on one objective – hiring the best executive for the job. You don’t want the best available candidate. You want the best candidate. That’s why you need a search firm with the reach and ability to get to that candidate with the right resources and no limitations. That solution is Kingsley Gate Partners. We have some of the best proven search consultants in the business and none of the limitations of larger firms that will prevent us from reaching out to the world’s best candidates. Right sized, with no off-limits restrictions, Kingsley Gate Partners is the alternative to the aging legacy choices.